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I have had a grounding sheet for over a year now and am convinced it has played a large role in my healing from EMF and RF Hypersensitivity.

It was when i moved to Santa Barbara  in a little adorable Caboose traincar guesthouse when the sensitivity began. As I was learning about how to heall…I ran across information about the importance of the balance of the earths electromagnetic field to our imuune systems and our health.

Metal absorbs electromagnetic fields and I was living in a metal box for all intents and purposes…which was blocking me from them… immune system fell weak and the heavy metals(mostly mercury) had a field day reaking havic with me and making me a little attenae.

please take a minute to watch this ground breaking…(no pun intended) film.

love to you all…

the only place to live

 ‘Grounded’ is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be “The Greatest Health RE-Discovery of All Time”: Walking barefoot on the Earth.

This simple activity was found to cure a surprising array of ailments in residents of Alaska – a place not exactly renowned for its barefoot lifestyle!  
This breakthrough film hasn’t been released yet, and this rental is being offered at less than half the price of the DVD, which *also* isn’t available yet. This is YOUR opportunity to be among the first to see this game-changing alternative health and science documentary, that will have a long-lasting impact on how human beings comprehend their relationships with their own health, the Earth and the Universe, as it demonstrates how everything is not just connected in a woo-woo way – but in an actual, electric way. 

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