Dr Klinghardt on Smart Meters

From Andrew Goldsworthy:

This is an excellent and informative video on the dangers of electromagnetic fields, including microwaves and especially Smart Meters. Dr Klinghardt is an internationally famous expert on this topic and is one of the men that the powers that be want to shut up. If you watch it (it’s about three quarters of an hour long) you will see why. Already, microwave radiation is doing untold harm to us all on a massive scale. A few percent of the population can “feel” the radiation but laboratory tests show that many more are affected although they may not know it. It is likely to be the prime cause of the recent increase in autism, other disturbances of brain function and many chronic inflammatory diseases, to name but a few. The most important thing is that when (not if) you are offered a Smart Meter you should refuse it. Please feel free to pass this link on or forward this email to others.