One morning while visiting my mother from Italy this summer…she did I sleep? I had slept quite a long I said I slept well but I needed 10 minutes in my net. My a faraday type of mosquito type net that I use when I sleep while traveling. At home…I have a faraday cage of a kind of heavier netting material.Its not the first time I have said that and in Italy I actually need to sleep half the night or the last 2 hours in my faraday net. You are wondering…my net? what is that?


Light Duty Faraday CanopyWhen Moderate RF Reduction Will Do

Give your body a chance to rest! Attractive and functional canopy can be used over beds or other similar sized areas to reduce radiofrequency radiation. Made from very light weight Swiss Shield Daylight fabric (100% polyester net-knit, with 5% silver-plated copper fiber content) which stops over 80% (16dB) of microwave radiation energy penetration (over at least 200-3000 MHz).

Nice veil-like appearance (plenty of air and light penetration), and has the conductive components on the inside of the threads, so no metal coating to flake and no need for grounding! Canopy covers the top and sides of bed. Easy to get in/out of bed and lots of head room.

Can be washed in gentle cycle, with mild detergent. Even frequent washing seems to do no harm to the shielding power of the fabric. Comes with swag hooks and an easily detachable hoop for easy mounting. Very transportable too.

Some owners say using this product to reduce RF has alleviated their symptoms associated with electrosensitivity, such as ringing in the ears, headaches/migraines, insomnia, confusion, irritability, nausea, circulation problems, etc. 2 sizes:


Well…it started 4 years ago and I have been running from….dealing with…looking for safe place to live…because I have developed a hypersensitivity to Radio-frequency waves. And since it started it has evolved and changed and included hypersensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies as well. If you are now wondering what that is…I will explain and try to be brief as possible. RF sensitivity is being super sensitive to cellphones and cell towers and wireless …GPS…satellite radio…microwaves….satellite dishes…and remote phones for landlines that enable you to walk around the house without wires. EMF sensitive is certain lights like florescents and halogens…also the new lightbulbs that are energy efficient…and flatscreen TV’s…. power lines ….any lights on dimmers……and if overexposed….computer screens…and smoke detectors.

I get a variety of symptoms……metallic taste in mouth…..eyes very strained and red and vision slightly impaired….tired….mind not functioning well….foggy…sometimes…energy drains right out of me and I feel like I am deflating……pains in organs or joints…….feet hurt….at the onset a few years ago I would have severe joint pains to the point it was difficult to function at all….at times I would get so agitated it would reduce me to tears or get me so anxious I would become like a little old lady completely absorbed in trying to be safe and worried about everyone and if they had a cell or not….it was all consuming. I couldn’t go anywhere at first…not a yoga class or store or restaurant or even anyone’s home.

It is virtually impossible to have one single day free of exposure it seems. I have tried to live in the most remote places and have had to move because the amount of exposure built to a point where I couldn’t live comfortably and function.

I was lucky when it first started I met at the perfect time people who were aware of this being a possible cause of my symptoms and after trial and error in my search …I learned the cause was from  very high levels of Mercury and heavy metals in my system. now many people get checked for this with blood tests, but what I have learned from these knowledgable people and doctors I was fortunate enough to meet,was that the only accurate way to measure these levels is with what’s called  a provocative challenge which is a test done that begins with an IV of DMPTS and then urinating into a container 6 hours  and  then sending a small amount as a sample to a special lab which then sends back a list of the heavy metals and the levels which have built up in our bodies ….by the way ….they are raising what is considered an acceptable level because so many people in the population have  levels way above what was considerate normal and acceptable so they are adjusting whats acceptable to coincide…which means…what was once an acceptable level of under 5 being normal for mercury in the system…now has been raised to 11 because peoples levels are normally now…closer to that than 5. i find this quite disturbing but…after being in my situation for so long and having learned so much about this issue and my health….I find a tremendous amount of information in this area very disturbing.

Since we are heading into a time where there will be no escaping many of these issues and being exposed to these blanketed waves in our daily lives

we have no reference point or any research really that looks at the effects of this universal human experiment we are conducting on ourselves. The fact is…the rate of use….the blanketed effects of layer upon layer that we have created….and the amount of time people now spend on these devices is unprecedented and impossible to keep up with research wise.

What I read and see is that the people that do the research are saying we are in serious danger in par with cigarette smoking and Asbestos when they were first promoted. years later we are all aware NOW…that they were extremely hazardous to our health but because there was so much money involved in the industry it was impossible to stop. well…..this train is moving way too fast for us to jump and it is much more insidious thatn cigarettes or asbestos because in the very near future if not already…it is ingrained into society and if we decided to not use it…I think the entire world would stop short and crash.

People can not imagine what my day involves sometimes with this sensitivity…I haven’t lived in a place for 2 yrs that I felt good and completely normal and functional and even at that it was only for a very short period…it was a log cabin…not close to any other house with no wireless and satellite dishes…and no power lines and very little electricity period in the house and no TV. I had a phone…and computer (plugged in).

It is so funny…when you talk to someone and say you don’t have wireless…they actually get this confused look on their face and start wondering how u go on line! Its hysterical….young people especially…they never knew the days when thats the only way we went online and when I tell them I plug in and  light bulb goes off in their heads.

I am sitting in front of my computer now…I was compelled to write because I have come to vermont to move my horses and I am near a house I rented and had to leave because the power lines were going in a horseshoe around the property which was 35 acres and only trees and  pond in sight…not even another house (power lines were nowhere in sight mind you but within a half a mile away from farm)so…I am at the farm…closer to those power lines than that house. An electrician and I figured out that the reason I would wake up at a certain hour sitting straight up from a sleep each morning was it was the surge time when everyone turned everything on in the morning…coffeemakers…computers…TV’s and radios…washing machines etc….and the surge was too much for me…well…this morning I woke up at 5 am and felt pretty good. i am living in Italy at the moment and the jet lag has me up early which has been nice for the very reason we have just spoken of because the power usage is minimal at that hour and I feel better….so I took a walk around taking pictures of the farm etc. Came back to cottage and sat down to write…at the power surge time and now between the computer and that…I am feeling pain in my right lower back and metallic taste in mouth and actually slight pain in between my chest area. I will have to shut everything down and wait awhile to resume.Also my eyes are burning and strained metallic taste really bad…its 7:50 am. the same time I would wake up sitting up straight agitated to know end as I am now. I have to stop now.

This was written 3 months ago and I am very pleased to share with yoiu that I have the bull by the horns on this issue and am on the way to full recovery but…each day still brings some navigating skills to sharpen.

There are so many people walking around right now unaware that this could be the cause of multiple health issues they have and they are being medicated for symptoms and getting masked to the point that it will be impossible to decipher after a certain point.I was extremely lucky to have had the people and medical practitioners come across my path to shine the light on what was going on with me.

I ran across a quote from toni Morrison that rings a bell with me because I stop and start writing about this issue all the time.It helps me to talk of it in the past and not speak about it much anymore because what we focus on grows…but at the same time…I have learned so much to heal myself..that sometimes I feel obliged to do something to help others who are suffering and their family members to help them understand what people like me with this sensitive live in navigating their everyday lives in a world that is now almost entirely blanketed with layer upon layer of radifrequency waves and Electromagnet fields that are getting stroger and stronger by the second.

Toni Morrison

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”