Today is the day! In NYC and this evening is my flight to Rome.I will pick up my car and drive to Loro Cuiffenna and find my little house. 3 months in Tuscany to feel my way to a decision about where to land after my 5 years as a gypsy!

I woke up with.. not butterflies in my tummy…but Owls flying around!
“Leap and the net will appear” is what I say at times like these in my life!

Last week I was having dinner with a new Libra friend (born on the same day no less!) and I suggested he substitute the word scared… with excited! Now I find that I need to take that same advice for myself!
I am soooooooooo excited! LOL

Note from the Universe:

“The trick with courage, Jolie, is realiizing that it isn’t so much about overcoming fear, as it is about not settling for less.And then, it comes as effortlessly as a midsummer’s night breeze!”

This journey I am about to embark on is about not “settling for less” than the life I feel I deserve.
A life that satisfies me deeply. A sophisticated yet simple life….filled with love ..good health… loved ones..and elegance. Living in transformational creativity……having nature around me and, and sharing all of that with the love of my life in peace with a home safe from Radiofrequency waves and wireless and as little exposure as possible!