This is the place where I will become a Snogger and speak and share my heart with those I truly care about….and if you have a friend you would like to invite to our special place just introduce them to me by email and I will trust you would only bring someone of integrity and with similar interests to my safe place.  I will allow a flow to manifest…I have no preconceived idea of how it should go..and honestly I feel it will shape shift as I find my way to a style.I intuitively feel it is what I need to do right now to fully move forward on the next chapter of my journey.    So…I promise to do my best and only write and post things that will leave you feeling a little bit better and lift your life a little higher……consider yourself kissed everytime you check in!!!!  This is where I will be snogging for you!!!  Lots of Little Kisses everytime you come into my world! Muaw!